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"Hey man, you really blew it tonight", Austin slurred as he laid his hand on Mitch's shoulder. "Seriously could have used less bongos tonight." "Huh?", Mitch thought he said. #lovethisguy #onlyhadone
Who's that hot guy in the 'Vette??? That's my Man!!! I love this man more than anything . He's my rock when things are bad and my light at the end of the dark tunnel ! Love you @bigguy50048 #mcm #lovethisguy #breatheasy
My adorable little boy, Micah, But he likes to be called Mikey :) He owns my heart! ♡ #lovethisguy #doggie
Feliz cumpleaños al hombre de mis ojos!! 😍 vamos a festejar por los cielos tus XX añitos (tercera edad) de pura experiencia digo jajaja solo puedo desearte un año lleno de felicidad y éxitos mi amor, te mereces lo mejor siempre! Te Amo! #birthdayboy #lovethisguy #mientrasmasteamo #mascachetonasoy 😝😘