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omelette you finish, but.... • • eggy omelette stuffed with veggies n mozzarella cheeese, a peach! blueberries.. and a slice of @foodforlifebaking cinnamon raisin toast with @eatnuttzo peanut pro 😋
Today is a new day. Fresh start. Think happy thoughts. Drink lots of water. Don't just eat. Fuel your body. Be healthy and happy. 💛 #SHINEEVERYDAMNDAY
over here decorating birthday cake @oreo into @lego Ninjago cookies because what else would I be doing
remind me never to drink more than 2 glasses of wine again 👹 graduated, unemployed, and feelin a little anxious, but here's to a summer of Oregon beauty :) someone come love and explore with me!! • • • @siggisdairy triple cream topped w @kashi honey toasted oats, @traderjoeslist granola, and banana with a side of berries n coffee
Finished my first ever half marathon--in Iceland! It was such an amazing experience running this course. I never thought I was "fit" enough "strong" enough etc to run a race. None of that negative talk really means anything about what you can and can't do. if you want something, go for it! I'm so glad I did it!
When you want apples + peanut butter but also some toast...🤷🏼‍♀️ This was actually a delicious combo, and the perfectttt afternoon snack. 🍎🥜 {whole wheat toast, @eatnuttzo peanut butter, honey, and apple slices}
Banana Pancakes for breakfast with a side of half a grapefruit!! 😋 • If you're anything like me, pancakes, waffles, and French toast are a must on the weekends! Recently I found a super easy recipe for pancakes that only require 2 ingredients!! And as far as cooking goes, anything with easy and minimum ingredients is right up my alley 😉 • The recipe calls for 2 bananas but I only used one and had plenty for 2 pancakes. Break up your banana and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Mash it up, add 2 eggs and whisk altogether. Cook 'em up like normal pancakes!! 🥞 I added a little bit of peanut butter to the top of mine but instead of syrup I used strawberry vinegar. It's actually delish and way less sugar than syrup! 😃
Pool essentials: @healthwarrior bar (my fav flavor chocolate peanut butter anything!) 😛🌞 Get 30% off your bars using my code inspiredbymeghan30! 😘 #amb
Never thought I would EVER be putting this anywhere anyone else could see 🙈 4 week progress pic from #bbg and #fbg. I alternate using those guides and follow a balanced diet. I've lost 4 inches off my waist, 2 off my hips and have gone down 2 dress sizes. But honestly hear me when I say the thing I care most about is the mental and emotional changes. I'm still working hard but I'm proud of my progress! 💪🏼
Today I am choosing to eat an extra serving of vegetables rather than something not as good for me and won't make me feel very good after I eat it. • Don't ever let yourself feel restricted from eating things you love. Maybe you just need to keep trying things before you find a good healthy fit 😊 and remember how that particular food made you feel. If it made you feel good, you might just create a healthy habit of going back to that food. 🥒🍅
Last nights dinner of @spicentice tandoori salmon with curried lentils, chickpeas and veggies 👌🏼🌳💛
i love you smoothie and bowl and blueberries
This is what breakfast looks like. Instagram called and told me I needed a glamorous bowl and $100 gold spoon in order to post this picture but then reality beeped in on the other line recommending $2.00 plastic utensils. #LOVEYOURHUNGER . •Banana •Greek Yogurt •KIND Granola •PB •Honey #SHINEEVERYDAMNDAY
le sunday 😴 scrambled eggys, sautéed portobellos, tomatoes, n spinach, berries, @nut_tritiousfoods pumpkin seed butter, and @siggisdairy yogurt❣️
Taco cravings: ✔️✔️✔️
partyyyyyyyyy • salmon, grilled cauliflower, quinoa, kale, avocado oil, mushrooms, butternut squash, spices. 😍 #goodlawd
When your @adidas Pure Boosts match your's gonna be a good day. 👏🏻 {Coconut Zucchini Eggwhite Oatmeal, topped with berries, banana, and @wild_friends and @purely_elizabeth following the pic!}
avocado,toast,crushed red pepper 🌶 #friday
🍓 S U M M E R T I M E 🍓 • V I B E S • Give me all the berries!!! 😜 Did you know there are so many health benefits to berries other than just plain tasting delish?? • They help with weight loss • Some even say that they help 'fight cancer' • Ward of Alzheimer's • They can also help in lowering your blood pressure So if you are ever stressed and craving something sweet, grab a handful of berries! 😄