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Look at these beauties 😍🥕 Shout-out to my mom for cutting up these carrots for me, because I have been absolutely OBSESSED with carrots and this particular ranch dressing!
Weekend winter barbecues with my fave prinnys are the best 👸🏼🙊💕
Veggies are life 👌🏼😍🌈
A few weeks ago I attempted this Garlic White Wine Pasta with Brussel Sprouts from @minimalistbaker with only the ingredients in my apartment. Garlic ✔ Brussel Sprouts ✔ Pasta - made some! ✔ White wine...there was a whole bottle when I started cooking... 🍻🍷🍴 Everything else - winged it! While it wasn't nearly as beautiful, it was refreshing to have a full on homemade meal (quesadillas are my go to after a long day - no judgment #justawareness). I❤U @minimalistbaker !
Chocolate Shakeo for an after work drink/meal 🤗 in my Ninja Turtles glass 🤓
i love you pancakes
My iced tea was begging to be farmhouse chic today... I just couldn't help myself
Protein & veggies. Simply delicious 😋🙌🏻