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Happy 🐫 day beautiful friends! So I am very much a routine kinda gal and part of my routine everyday is the mandatory happy juice that allows me to speak and people to speak to know, function ☕ I usually start my coffee after waking 1 kid and before moving on to the next kid (by start, I mean push the button on my Keurig 😉) I came back upstairs and looked at my happy juice maker and did not see my cup. So I immediately think I have a kid pranking me...except he hadn't been out of bed yet. Hmm 🤔 so I start to replay those few moments only to realize I did indeed start it I just managed to forget to put my cup there 😨 Thank the Lord for those handy dandy drip trays!! I may have also thrown an egg yolk all over my kitchen, my kid and his lunch while packing my food for the day - by accident of course!! So let's divert our attention from the crazy of my morning and to this fun little sign. I'm really digging the contrast of these simple colors and that pop of GOLD 💫 You can find this one in my shop (link ⬆in bio) . #momlife #momofboys #holidaydecor #farmhousestyle #farmhousechristmas #christmasdecor #christmassigns #seasonaldecor #itsalmostchristmas #woodsigns #maker #makersgonnamake #shopsmallbusinesses #smallbusinessesmatter #mywednesdaymorning #shopsmall
Check out this cute #Fabriflair Wall Art Star made in country western fabrics. These precuts were perfect for arranging and deciding on the layout. Have you heard about our #SewStars fundraising campaign? For every Wall Art Star Pattern sold, we are donating $1 to hurricane relief. Make one to support the fundraiser or donate here! #Fundraiser #Sewing #Sewist #Sewcialist #Maker #Texas #fabric #Dimensional #makersgonnamake #diy #fabriflairfun #star #sewingpattern #stabilizer #stitching #sew #Sewmuchfun #indygojunction #country #Instacraft #craft #precutfabric #missouristar #quilters #quilting
This is one of the reasons why I love #Autumn - plenty of #fruits I 😍 like #pomegranates. Do you like them too? I love not only the taste but how beautiful this fruit is. And a truly slow food 😊
Pourers thrown from various weights of clay, scaled both up and down and coated with one of three different glazes before being fired in a reduction atmosphere for twelve hours. They pour pretty well I think, I haven’t experimented a huge amount with different styles but instead I’ve sort of arrived at this type after making batch after batch and refining what I like visually and of course what works well. Looking back at early iterations they weren’t nearly as pronounced as these, by this I mean the pouring lip was fairly wide and sort of flowed straight from the rim rather than being tight and defined like they are here. They were neither here or there, whereas these standout. In terms of pouring the narrow lip works well, it channels the liquid out in a clean flow unless it’s all tipped out at once in a overzealous manner. To create these lips I thin out a small section of the rim with a wet finger and thumb before flicking it out using my index finger or little finger, depending on the size of the vessel. Freshly pulled they appear very defined but as they slowly dry overnight they lose their shape as the clay tries to revert back to a circle, so the first thing I do in the morning after throwing a batch the day previously is to reshape it by squeezing in the corners. Often a pouring lip will protrude higher than the rest of the rim so some care has to be taken when trimming as not to damage it, I keep a tiny piece of foam around to place beneath it sometimes before I attach it to the wheel-head upside-down with three lumps of clay. The final adjustment to the lip comes after glazing. Once dipped a thick all covering layer of glaze coats the pot and often, if left untouched the lip once fired can be quite heavily glazed and lose it’s sharpness, which it needs to pour well. So while the glaze is still powdery and soft I carve away some of it and smooth it out with my finger to ensure it keeps a clean, sharp edge.
Tea towels are the perfect gift for under $15! Think housewarming, dinner party, and teacher gifts for this holiday season! . They’re in the shop, and always sell out fast during the holidays!
If this romper set isn't the most foodie-festive-Thanksgiving-y thing ever, we don't know what is. {link in bio:}
Hey guys! I’m still here! We’ve had a busy weekend with family and roller skating birthday parties and the little one has caught a bit of a cold so we’ve been laying low. It’s also finally getting a little chilly around here!! That’s makes me want all the flannel and cozy knit socks. 🍁❤️🖤. For #stashandabag today I wanted to show you my favorite from my flannel collection of the Shortie Sock Sacks. I love the classic red and black plaid and this flannel is super soft and it’s thicker than other flannel fabrics so it’s nice and sturdy too. This size is perfect socks or any small one skein project. And from my stash is this gorgeous red (which I have very little of) from @mountaincolorsyarn that I got a super deal on from a local discount store. This has a bit of mohair in it and the base is named Bearfoot which I think is perfect! Click the link in my profile to make this one of a kind bag yours! #aubreyannsewingco
Day 3 of #freeupmyinsta B L O O M | 🌿🌸🍃🌼🌱 These botanical bloom temporary tattoos are one of our best sellers and just looking at them cheers me up 🤗 I’m so happy so many of you love them too!
Aaaaand finished for the day 🙌🏽 . It’s been a post and admin filled hump day for me with only a few of these large stoneware spoon rests in a simple white glaze left in the shop now👆🏽 . Looking forward to gettin’ back to makin’ tomorrow with plans to get the black clay out 💪🏽can’t wait to clean that mess up at the end of the day...with no sink in the studio 😳 partaaaaay 🤦🏽‍♀️ . . [spoon rests available at]