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It's funny how the same commute from Burke -> DC can change. . Three years ago, when making the commute to Chinatown I hated it. I hopped on the metro, stood there or read my book, got off at Chinatown (still my favorite area of DC) and walked to the building 2 blocks away. . I loved the people I worked with, the client and yet hated knowing I would make the trek again the next day. . . here I am. Three years later making a similar commute, taking the VRE now, and getting off at Union station - one of the more beautiful buildings with this beautiful view three days a week. . I love it. I mean, most days. . Do I get that Monday feeling? Sometimes, but this contract is different than any other because my name is on it, not someone else's. . This is MY client, not someone I'm helping support. . . Maybe that means the difference, or maybe I just bought really good coffee this time around. #workwherever #march #marchmadness #futureisfemale #girlswhocode #wosb #entrepreneur #wintheday #win #KILLKILLKILL #duespaid #commute #remote #agile #GovCon #tech #aws #azure #microsoft #amazon
Behind door number 1 is so much laundry it would make your toes curl! But here I am standing in my new jammies with a cup of coffee taking a selfie. Oh well, the laundry will get clean. Eventually. Hope your Tuesday is terrific friends! Xoxo Robyne You can pick up this cute sleep shirt that is sooo soft FollowIng me on the app to get the product details for this look and others #liketkit