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Positive post for once 🍁 The past few days I've actually been really productive, and I feel really good about that?! I managed to walk Rory and Maya for over an hour both days of the weekend, made toothpaste for them, and cleaned their teeth, gave them a brush, and dremeled their nails. I also cleaned out Milo. Today I got up at a reasonable time (I had a really disturbed night sleep tho), took Rory to hydrotherapy, took my dad out for lunch, as it's his 64th birthday, went to my art class and finished my first ever watercolour landscape, and then went to dog training with Maya (where my dog trainer called me Nathan for the first time ever!!!!!!!!!). I also wrote three letters/filled in forms I've been meaning to do for over a month, and sent them off in the post. I'm adulting. I'm going to end up going to bed pretty late, as it's currently 2.35am, but hopefully I can sleep better tonight, and this productivity can last. 🍂 Hope everyone has had a good start to the week, and that their week is fab. ✨