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Rudolph Nureyev by Richard Avedon in 1961
WOMEN ARE NOT SEXUAL OBJECTS.....but most are sexual BEINGS. An issue I see with men is we fall on one side of the spectrum or the other. We either view, and treat, all women as a pair of tits and an ass OR are not centered enough in our own masculinity to provide her with a comfortable space to express her divine feminine sexuality. Pretty much we are either overly sexually aggressive OR spineless "nice guys" who do not express our physical desires out of fear of "disrespecting her". Yet there is a third option. You can view her in a sexual light, admire her magnetism and communicate your lust towards her, every women wants to FEEL sexy. But also understand she has layers and boundaries. It is your job as a man to engage her mentally and emotionally in a way that creates enough space and comfort for her to engage you physically. Some women will fuck you in 20 minutes, others will in 2 months. Do not judge either or apply the same timeline to the next women you meet. You can have sex with loads of women without being an asshole and you can be celibate without being an emasculated bitch.
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