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Brewski (Chorlton, Manchester) Service - 7.5 Price - 7.0 Pizza Size - 10 Taste - 8.0 Return Factor - Oh Yah eh?! @brewskichorlton served us the largest pizza to date in our adventure in pizza reviewing. Located in Chorlton, just around the corner from @double00zero, lies a Canadian themed restaurant packed with plenty of guest ales and Canadian culinary classics to boot. We bravely ordered a pizza to share, plus a side of veggie poutine, even after witnessing the size of the pizza (a whopping 20") on some of our neighbouring tables. We chose a veggie pizza with a generous topping of butternut squash, pine nuts and other various veggies (they also provide the option of vegan cheese). Considering it's not our standard choice, we absolutely loved it. Perfectly cooked with wonderfully tasting toppings to keep you interested from first slice to last, and all washed down with some serious Canadian craft ales.