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Here’s a little #flashbackfriday for you guys! This photo comes from @dinobluntz_pkmn as he’s been collecting our stickers for a while now 🤗 Most of these designs are discontinued but we have a bunch more available in our store 🔥 Click the link in my bio to shop around and grab some of our slaps for yourself! 🤓 Thanks so much @dinobluntz_pkmn for being a huge support! 😁 Don’t forget to tag your photos with #highundlow for a shoutout 🎉
Some preps iv been working on for a collab with @yarbi_glass can't wait for the final result!
What type of medicated dish would you like to see @herbivert and I whip up next? We seem to have an abundance of medicated coconut oil 👩‍🍳👨‍🍳 Coconut oil is a great substitute for any recipe that calls for butter or other oils!
Got some @kokonuggz 😋🍫 . From @wildbillstobacco 💨 . &+ Even though they're THC &+ CBD free! . They're super delicious 👅💦 . And totally cute 😆🌱💜 . Had to grab some ! . Available in many flavors! . &+ in a @wildbillstobacco near you! . Rocking my @higherpowerpotions 🐝 Tee! . By @straingame313 🙌🏻 . #YellowCrayon 💛 #Munny 🖕🏻 . #Pendant ✨ by @ludaglass 🔥 . Swipe 🔛 For More ! . #LilDabberGirl #TeamWildBills #KokoNuggz #Chocolate #HigherPowerPotions #StrainGame #LudaGlass #HeadyGirls