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Hey!!! I'm still in Singapore YAY.. sorry that I haven't posted much. Today I went to Sentosa which was so fun :) and I went in the beach.. later this afternoon we are going go to Marina Bay Sands YAAYYAYA... today's my last day here I'm going home tomorrow morning ugh.. and then on Wednesday I have to go to school. FML ~ Ugh it's annoying me that some people are saying that the ss are stupid blah blah blah LIKE TAY IS TRYING THE BEST SHE CAN. SHE IS THE MOST AMAZONG IDOL ~ Um I wanna say something about Shawn hah.. HMMM I AM FUCKING EXCITED FOR SM3 SOMETHING IS HAPPENING WOTH HIM AND THIS MODEL I FEEL. ~ HOPE EVERYONE IS HAVING A GREAT DAY ILY!!! ~ ~ { #QOTD} favourite line out of: "I don't trust nobody and nobody trusts me" or "baby let the games begin" or "you make me so happy it turns back to sad" ? // never be alone or act like you love me? // escalators or elevators? ~ { #AOTD} ALL/ ALYLM/ Escalators | | | answer the qotd to be tagged in my next post ❤️ - - - - @taylorswift @shawnmendes @taylornation #taylorswift #taylor #swift #swiftie #fearless #speaknow #red #1989 #reputation #shawnmendes #shawn #mendes #handwritten #illuminate #sm3 #snow #edit #fff
sksk look at this beautiful human
Yesss, it’s honestly so cute