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I loved that daisy so much I snapped it. #metal 🎀⚡️💅🏼
I honestly think I might like this album better then The Fall of Ideals. The Fall of Ideals has been my favorite metalcore album ever since I heard it. But idk the raw production and in my opinion the much more haunting yet inspirational feel this album has is amazing. The clean vocals are also kept minimal on this one which I surprisingly liked. Don't even get me started on the guitar work 😍😍 #allthatremains #thisdarkenedheart #idieindegrees #metalcore #oldschoolmetalcore #melodicdeathmetal #metal #heavymetal #deathmetal #thrashmetal
TURNSTILE - Nonstop Feeling ~ Roadrunner Records ~ __ Press/Clear Beer/____ . . . I listened to this album a ton when it came out in 2015 but haven't listened to a lot of turnstile in the past few years. Whenever I go to a record store I usually always ask if they Turnstile because I would love to have some of these albums on vinyl but never see them in stock at stores or being sold online. When I saw this for sale on @bullmoosestores for cheap I snagged it fast. So much nostalgia listening through this one! If you haven't ever listened to turnstile I highly reccomend it. A "fun" lighthearted hardcore band that will have you jumping and singing one second and two stepping and throwing down in the pit the next!!
Through faith and fire I'll be by your side🔥🖤🌙💋
⚔️Lufia 2 Sinistral Battle Theme DRUM COVER🥁Find the full video on my YouTube channel!
The last days i've been listening to the same album over and over again. It's magic and it's beauty has captivated and mesmerized me. Not only the music, but also the lyrics and the wonderful cover art. This album i'm talking about is Swallow the Suns "Songs of the North" (which actually is a triple album). Though i'm currently working on something else at the moment, today i felt the sudden need to draw the album cover, knowing that i won't be able to catch it's magic. But somehow it was still important to me. The original cover is from Aleah Stormbridge, who left this world about a year ago. So i guess it's also for her. Here are the lyrics from the title song, which is also one of my favourites: "Oh Mother North, eyes like blue sapphires I'm lost in your wilderness, in your arms From your love my heart has been forged Eternal nights, to ever-light To winter's throne Oh Mother North, lakes like blue sapphires Under your skies, into the wild I drown my sorrows At the midnight hour of sacred light The magic of these woods, so alive The shadows of the giants in a silvery dark light From the snowy trees ahead And their slow march closer to the flaming night skies To touch the tail of fire But their roots hold the secrets, these melodies Echoes from the past, nothing here will last But the songs from your journey You will bury with your heart."