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All of my 3D classes got through their first informal art critique!! I know art critiques can be uncomfortable and nerve wracking, but we talked a lot about being supportive and making positive comments about each other's work. I showed them a presentation that went over the 4 parts of a critique (Describe, Analyze, Interpret, Evaluate). Then, they worked in groups to go through each step and critique their work. Lastly, they completed the "art sandwich"! Bread = compliments & meat = 1 suggestion for the artist. Great job to all and I look forward to our next critique! #middleschoolart #artcritiques #artcritic #artclass
What an absolutely wonderful job Matthias has done! Look at this awesome origami landscape. He had such creativity and devotion during this paper art project, which is all I can ask for! I just love all the little touches. #middleschoolart #paperart #origami