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Bismillah[Quran 39]8. When some adversity touches the human being, he prays to his Lord, repenting to Him. But then, when He confers on him a grace of His, he forgets what he was praying for before, and he attributes rivals to God, in order to lead astray from His way. Say, "Enjoy your disbelief for a little while; you will be among the inmates of the Fire." 9. Is he who worships devoutly during the watches of the night, prostrating himself and standing up, mindful of the Hereafter, and placing his hope in the mercy of his Lord? Say, "Are those who know and those who do not know equal?" Only those possessed of reason will remember. 10. Say, "O My devotees who have believed, keep your duty to your Lord. For those who do good in this world, is goodness. And God's earth is vast. The steadfast will be paid their wages in full, without reckoning." 11. Say, "I was commanded to serve God, devoting my religion exclusively to Him. 12. And I was commanded to be the first of those who submit." 13. Say, "I fear, if I disobeyed my Lord, the punishment of a horrendous Day." 14. Say, "It is God I worship, sincere in my faith in Him." 15. "But you can worship whatever you wish besides Him." Say, "The losers are those who lose their souls and their people on the Day of Resurrection." That is indeed the obvious loss. 16. They will have layers of Fire above them, and layers beneath them. That is how God strikes fear into His servants—"O My servants! Beware of Me!" 17. As for those who avoid the worship of idols, and devote themselves to God—theirs is the good news. So give good news to My servants. 18. Those who listen to the Word, and follow the best of it. These are they whom God has guided. These are they who possess intellect. 19. What about someone who has deserved the sentence of punishment? Is it you who can save those in the Fire? 20. But those who fear their Lord will have mansions upon mansions, built high, with streams flowing beneath them. The promise of God; and God never breaks a promise. 21. Have you not considered how God sends down water from the sky, then He makes it flow into underground wells, then He produces with it plants of various colors, ...
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