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Grocery shopping with a 7 month old just made me need Jesus and a huge glass of wine... If I hear it gets easier one more time I’m going to punch someone in the face... She was a perfect angel watching football then bam... Kind of feels a little like having a teenager all over again! Just keep swimming, just keep swimming... #momlife #singlemomlife #needwinenow
Do you feel defeated everytime you look at your bank account?! Matthew and I don't have a lot of bills yet we still struggle to make it paycheck to paycheck. It wasn't always like this but since moving back to California we've seem to be struggling. We've haven't been super strict with our budget which may be what our next step is. I'm going to sit here and be honest. I hate living like this! I miss going to Disney all the time and never having to worry about how the hell im filling the car up! Who would have thought Matthew going on shore duty would affect us this much?! Who would have thought our truck would have broken down on us. I'm sitting here like how are we making until December 1st?! I logged on to my back office to see if I will have a beachbody paycheck next week and that's when I saw a glimpse of relief...I will and it's going to get us through! It's going to get us groceries and gas! It's going to allow us to get diaper and wipes! While it may not be a ton of money YET! My weekly paychecks that I've been getting have made all the difference in the world since moving back to California! get those paychecks to triple and then I won't stress checking my bank account. #poor #bank #bills #adulting #mom #momlife #navywife #breastfeeding #beachbody #coach #building #business #stayathomemom
First run this morning (3 km), 5 weeks postpartum. Felt great, but slow AF. Note to self: wear 3 sports bras next time! 😂 #momlife
• S H * T S & G I G G L E S • I had a conversation with a friend lastnight about how nice it is when you get to an age where dress up/themed parties are more about getting in the spirit and having a good time rather than making sure your costume makes you look awesome but also attractive at the same time. We had this conversation as she peered out of the torn eye holes of her fiance`s 20 year old batman mask with the attached cape draping down her neck 😎This was my costume lastnight. The old me would have never worn this in public. The younger me would have worn this in public. But the new me wore it for sh*ts and gigs and it was a hit. Ironically I was the sober driver so I only had a couple of actual beers but stepping out of my comfort zone lastnight was a big ✅ for me... I am a person who tells ppl 'dont worry about what others do, say or think' but on the inside I'm just the average woman and mama that is literally trying her best to ward of negative self talk and fear of judgement. Lastnight I contemplated going as a ballerina to match P but then I said to myself: 'F*ck it Mel, just go and have fun'.