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На русском 👇🏻We are back ✨🙌🏻 Until I write a big post (actually two !!!) about Japan 🇯🇵 , I will keep sharing pictures from the trip here. Finally I have a little bit more time to work on the blog, so if you want me to talk about something more specific, like healthy life style, recipes, cosmetics, life in NYC or my pregnancy 🤰🏻😅 please let me know. It will be really helpful and very appreciated! 🙏🏻// Мы, наконец-то, дома! ♥️ Пока пишу большой пост в блог (а точнее сразу два 😉), буду продолжать делиться фотографиями здесь. Сейчас у меня будет немного больше свободного времени и мне хотелось бы посветить его блогу. 💛📝О чем вам интересно почитать? Сделать уклон на питание, поделиться простыми/сложными рецептами👩🏻‍🌾, рассказать больше о жизни в НЙ или о беременности 🙃? #deliciousfairytale #japan #kyoto
Last night Gatsby got attacked by a dog in a nearby neighborhood. The dog was not on a leash, ran across the street and attacked. Kyle was shaken up and I was ready to crack some skulls because people need to leash their damn dogs in public. When we realized Gatsby was hurt, we went back over to the house to show the owners, and I did not think they would step up after their mistake. But, even in this less-than-ideal situation there is a reason to choose joy: the owners showed up at the vet, sat with us for 2 hours and paid our vet bill. They were kind, they were gracious and most importantly: they were apologetic. Gatsby is okay: the 3 wounds he sustained were not deep and he will only be on antibiotics for a week or so. There is always something to be thankful for, and tonight we are thankful for a safe dog and people who make things right when they have done wrong. #itsagatsbydog2017 #choosejoy
What an incredibly beautiful summer day in NYC, I hope everyone enjoys themselves #newyorkcity
// Dizzy ✖️🔲▪️⬜️✖️
"When I’m not blogging or podcasting I work at a little coffee shop on Nantucket called @ackcoffee. It’s seriously one of the happiest places. Working there turned me into a hugger, helped me find joy in the every day and deepened my coffee love." -  @init4thelongrunblog
В течении нескольких дней обрабатываю одни и те же фотографии по 100500 раз и все никак не могу определиться с финальными картинками 🤷🏼‍♂️ А все дело в том, что захотелось мне перемен в моем инстаграме. Холодный А5 не радует как раньше, да и больше красок хочется. Так что если увидите, какая снова обесцвечиваю фотографии – бейте меня по рукам и ругайте! 😂 И привет тёплый А6 😊 А вы как думаете, менять ли стиль обработки или и дальше поваливать оттенками серого? 🌚 – 
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I love to receive a handwritten thank you note, especially one as darling as this. #MerciBeaucoup
And don't think for a moment that this little nugget is lagging behind....he's on 'development overdrive' too 😍😍
Growth ~ I think somebody must have put something in his food, because this young man is growing at an exponential rate - physically and mentally. What's lovely is that it's visible, I have been able to witness his growth and watch him process things and make sense of them and then to apply his learnings to his everyday life. He's maturing beautifully and at a pace that he's comfortable with and that is a really great feeling as his mama ❤️
I have been LOVING Steven Furticks "Sun Stand Still" devotional! I shared some of it this morning in my InstaStories!
|| Do not seek to have that which happens, happen as you wish. Wish that what happens may happen as it happens, and you will be happy. -Epictetus ||