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Alhamdulillah berkat doa ibu ayah, saudara dan teman temannya semua, si olive terbebas dari fibroadenoma mamae sinistra. Terutama ibu doa yang selalu menyertai olive 😘😘😘😘 . . . #kangenkampus #motheranddaughter
GIFTS • So I received a phone call the other day to see if I wanted to do a feature for my products creating a Mother's Day gift box! I know, it's pretty cool. However, I really needed to put some thought into this. So I targeted new mum classics like My First Mothers Day Milestone Card, the ever so 'Pretty' Silicone Necklace, My Gypsy Child Healing Balm & Refreshing Facial Spray in a beautifully recycled Keepsake Box. All 100% natural! 🙌🏻 Oh & maybe throw in a 'Best Mumma Ever' greeting card by @destinedfeather Maybe for a friend, daughter in law, cousin, Aunty or mother. What are your thoughts? 🤔😘