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May 28, 1949 - One of the most outrageous and intriguing Punk/Metal performers of all time, Wendy O. Williams (the "O" stands for Orlean) was born on this day in 1949, in Webster, NY. At the age of 16, Williams left home and hitchhiked around the US and Europe. In 1976, she moved to NYC as the Punk movement was ascending toward its zenith. She performed in live sex shows and porn until her manager, Rod Swenson, invited her to front the band he was putting together. By 1978, the Plasmatics played their first show, and quickly garnered a following. They released a handful of EPs before releasing their debut LP "No Hope for the Wretched" in 1980. Williams, the singer and visual focal point of the band's ecstatic live performances, courted controversy by performing nearly nude, destroying equipment on stage, and simulating masturbation, which led to multiple arrests on obscenity charges. By 1984, the Plasmatics had disbanded, and Williams began a solo career that resulted in her working with Lemmy of Motörhead and members of Kiss, among others. In the 1990s, Williams retired to Connecticut where she lived with Swenson. She took an interest in animal rights and spent much of her time dedicated to animal welfare issues. After two failed suicide attempts--one in 1993 (stabbing to the chest) and another in 1997 (overdose)--Williams ended her life on April 6, 1998 with a gunshot. Swenson found her body in the woods near their home after reading the suicide letter Williams left for him. . . . . . #wendywilliams #wendyowilliams #theplasmatics #motorhead #lemmy #lemmykilmister #metal #metalhistory #jailbait