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NEW STOCKIST ALERT: So excited to announce that our robes are now available at @amantebridal ✨✨✨ 📷: @chagibear
I don't know how to explain how happy I am right now. Waking up these past couple mornings and putting this beautiful ring on feels so wonderfully surreal 💖my heart is so full. I'm going to marry my best friend 💑💍💗 #engaged #heputaringonit #atdisney!! #mrstobe #omgicantwait
I've got ants in my pants 🐜 anxiously waiting for summer weddings! I keep trying to convince my husband to letting me move to Maui. It isn't working.
This necklace! Spring-cherry blossom-new beginning-blushing pretty. It says it all! ❤❤❤