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Hoje eu acordei "normal", mas a "Justiça" do meu Brasil me disse que estou indo dormir "doente". Eu não sou doente. Eu sinto do jeito que sinto e amo do jeito que amo. Se isso é estar doente então é assim que quero morrer. Meu país regrediu e virou as costas pra mim, mas eu nao vou desistir de mim, embora motivos não faltem. Acordei em 2017, estou indo dormir em 1917? 1817? #mytruecolors #bornthisway
take a deep breath, sweet one. look around you....are you alive? are your dreams coming true? are you overflowing with passion? are you becoming the person, you dreamed of as a little girl? the begining of a new month has always spoken to me, and it is a time where i love to reflect on who i am and who i want to be. sometimes in the chaos of life, i loose myself. i dream,but i forget to act. i forget that i have the ability to create... to be filled with joy, and instead i live mindlessly. fading away little by little until i blend in with the world.. this is not being alive. this is not the reason why i am alive. this is not why i was created. as you are reading this i will be soaking in the sun with several books and my journal. i will have a fresh glass of water besides me and i will be immersed in pouring my dreams through my fingertips filling up blank pages.i will look forward to this upcoming month. writing and visualizing the habits i will form, the physical things i will accomplish, how i will have more balance. and how i will be entangled in the bible, learning everything i possibly can, but i will also just be. i will listen to the voice of God, i will feel the grass on my skin, i will see the animals in the clouds, i will release, let go and tap into the peace inside me, begging to be free. this is how i am choosing to live today. how are you choosing to live?