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"...true colors True colors are beautiful Like a rainbow..." #mytruecolors ♥️🌻🍭
Working on some orders and with amazingly handsome company! 😍 Working on these signs with my husband in tow. This is a sneak peak to some new stuff coming your way! 🎨🔨📏🖌💖
Hola. Business woman in dha house. Lets better say one of the 50 shades of Julia is in dha house. Not that daily perfect, but that daily real is in dha house. Rocking ma' true callars. Fellas' arent on the planning. I can rock dhat perfect. But I can rock dhat SLANG too. This woman has officially started with celebrating her weekend. 💅💄💋🤳😎 Confident in her own true skin. Are you confident in your own true skin!? #womaninbusiness #womanincharge #mytruecolors #rockyourownself #beyourself #weekendjam #happyweekend #homewithmylovedones #notperfectbutreal