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I found my Pillar point by this magic meadow! A space I am always guided to when I land in a new space. The point is a gateway, Altar, and place for synthesizing, anchoring and integrating my experience...and much more that I hardly have the language for. It is always in Nature, the trees, creatures and elements harmonizing through me like the most Ancient Kin and soul companions of my path on Earth. I can never capture this feeling or space, because it is Infinite, Screaming, Silent and Simple as Source itself. Nature, Life, transmitted through a Heart, Soul and the Living Love sung as All things. Gratitude and Joy ringing through my cells as I walked away from here today, two vultures flew right above me in perfect unison! All of mighty Creation dances, Awakening as One! ♥️ This intimate, authentic Wisdom in Rooted Ascension -Direct, sovereign communion with Gaia, Source and Soul- in my beloved body's temple, is the path I have chosen, perhaps long ago... I choose Nature, Harmony, Integrity, Embodiment and Purification. When the Choice is made, all else is taken care of. When made in Unity with Sol Truth, Physical Life, Human Heart, and Divine Mind, all else is given room to, too, transform to its elevated equilibrium accord... As much as I lead the rhythm of this dance, so too am I held in the arms of Being, surrendered and Free. Divinely Me, We. ♥️ #ascension #deeproots #treeoflife #soul #essence #creation #multidimensionality #infinite #truth #union #dance #fall #sacredpath #gaia #naturephotography #sourceheart #illumination #embodiment #awakening
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