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📕 Storytime 📕 Caption this. Here, I'll help. It was day 3 and my insides were raw, my culita was sore and after it was said and done, I was down about 3lbs by the end of this amazing trip to Morocco. I think it's called Montezuma's Revenge in Mexico and we refer to it as having the sh***. I affectionately referred to this uncomfortable, afraid to sneeze and "it might be more than a fart", liquid experience as PURE HELL. Once you get used to traveling to different places, you become familiar with the do's and don'ts, figure out your physical triggers, etc. So being in northern Africa, I I knew better than to drink anything but bottled water while in northern Africa but ah... you gotta remember when ordering certain beverages that have ice (that whole water connection), and something as ritualistic and delicious as freshly steeped tea, could be hazardous. So this photo captured that moment when you realized that little gastroenteritis was being helped by all of the tea!!! Never, ever, ever, have I been afflicted with an ailment while traveling abroad, making this trip a lot more memorable for all the wrong reasons. Several days, I suffered and finally, we found a pharmacy in Marrakech that sold some kind of Arabic imodium. Tears of joy I tell you! Real tears of joy!! #travelstories #neverforget #morocco #thatnewdieterstea #greentea #skeptical
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Happy heavenly birthday Reeva ❤ All too often victims of violent crimes are forgotten, slandered, or victim blamed. Please remember them for who they really are. They were real people too, with families and friends that still care about them, jobs, places to go, things to see, bad days and good ones too—they were just like us. So the next time you see an outrageous headline don't believe everything you read or see. I'm not just talking about Reeva's case, but all of the people who are victims of infamous crimes. They never knew what was going to happen to them and I truly think it's disrespectful when everything in their lives has to be turned into them being a victim somehow or has to be made into a morbid thing. It's just unfair. #reevasteenkamp #neverforget #gonetoosoon
I feel obligated to remind the world that this happened. (Yes: purple silk shirt, linen pants & remarkably large purple suede shoes. The red clashing sash was upsetting. Believe it or not this wasn’t some cruel Carrie-like joke: I actually won the popular vote with those ears.) My condolences to Amanda. #neverforget #1991 #wasillahighschool #classof95 #freshmenprincesses