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Just got back from the vet! He wasn't too pleased at first, but Shego was very cooperative and decided to provide us with a fresh sample (no older than 1-2 hours) right before we left so we managed to get a fecal done for him as well. The vet was very pleased with our set up and care however there are a few minor tweaks and recommendations we will improve on these next couple of days for both beardies. His fecal showed an excess of bad bacteria and some pinworms, as well as he's a bit bloated probably due to the excess bacteria in his stomach. However he got prescribed oral antibiotics as well as probiotics to be taken daily for the next 10 days and then a follow up visit with another fecal to see if he needs to be prescribed another round or not. Other than his slight underbite, and fecal results, he's a very healthy dragon and everyone fell in love with him and his orange head. Once he's taken care of, we'll be bringing Rhaegar our other dragon in, and slowly but surely we'll get all of our 7 reptiles checked out before even thinking about purchasing any other animals (save a tarantula or two). I cannot stress the importance of annual vet visits and proper quarantine practices enough. Do NOT skip out on them as they're one of the MOST important aspects of keeping any exotic pet (well other than tarantulas). -NS Pogona Vitticeps 2.0 #sheogoraththebeardie #orangenormalscale #beardeddragon #beardeddragonsofinstagram #reptile #reptilesofinstagram #yyc #nofilter #livingthedream