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Pretty impressed with my first crank at making a mala necklace! ☆
Thanks to Huawei, Team HW & Ogilvy PR, I have been given the opportunity of trying the new Huawei P10 Mobile Smartphone & reporting my findings. As a photographer, I will be particularly focussed on the Leica camera's capabilities & perhaps some of the other features of the handset as well. Straight out of the box, the sleek design of the handset is quite stunning & fits like a glove in the palm of your hand; in comparison to my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, general text messaging on the P10 is far easier with one hand because your palm doesn't accidentally press keys on the edges of the curved screen when you're trying to send a message in a rush - like what happens with the S7 Edge. Focussing on the camera, itself, which to me is always a key point of difference on any mobile handset, my initial impressions of the P10's Leica camera are very high. Most modern smartphone cameras now have a 'Pro Mode' which allows the user to take complete control of the exposure by altering the shutter speed, aperture, ISO & white balance. The controls available on the Huawei P10 are exceptional & from the comparative photo in my post, you can see that the colour saturation of the blues in the water & sky, along with the accurately represented reds, oranges & yellows on the screen, illustrate that the camera's capabilities are very impressive indeed - even in a challenging situation such as this where the contrast of light is high. Over the next few weeks, I will look at some other key areas of the Huawei P10's Leica camera - particularly macro/close-up photography & the camera's low-light capabilities - areas where other smartphone cameras [especially the iPhone] fall short. [1 of 4] HIGH CONTRAST LIGHT CHALLENGE SCORE: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5. © ▫ ▫ ▫