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Aaaah omg can we please have this conversation like right now? Sana was so hurt, we could see it from the beginning of the clip (we could see it from the beginning of the season, but whatever). Now I feel like I can understand her even more? Idk like during the first half of the season I didn't feel "being" her like I felt with Isak, feeling all his emotions. But in today's clip I could totally see what he was going through, and feel it with her. I guess there's much more things about her we don't know, but what we discovered today (her being bullied at school, something that can leave a strong mark on ppl), something that must have been relevant and important in the way she sees ppl and life, made me feel so much closer to her. I just hope we keep getting to know her even more trough the second half of the season (no more sad things plz this girl needs to be happy), bc only in this way we will totally understand her, and that's probably the point of skam, understanding points of view of ppl who aren't like us. Okay this just got long, so just that. About this conversation. I need it to go just like that and also to happen right now okay. Thanks
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