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Since I havent deployed, I cant support players that are kneeling because I enlisted to fight for the freedom of those in my state and ultimately my Country. Im not willing to give my life for this country just for those who are peacefully protesting can be silenced and disregarded. I hope one day these people realize and help fix why these players are kneeling instead of getting upset that they are kneeling, including the President himself. Shit, I didnt agree with flag burning but I understood and accepted the reasoning for it. But kneeling is very peaceful and the players are doing something positive with their big stage they play on, to bring light and hope to those who dont have such big reach. #NotACarPic #TakeAKnee #AllOneLove
My son saw me pulling out my high school letterman jacket for the homecoming game tonight and wanted to wear one. Figured I would see more alumni at the homecoming game but no such luck but I did get lucky enough to talk a teacher into letting stand on the field by pulling the alumni card. 🤣 Was pretty cool to finally get the chance to see the new football 🏈 stadium. Crazy it’s been 17 years since high school. 😱 #highschoolfootball #homecominggame #ontariohighschool #alumni #fatherandson #tuckershay #notacarpic #classof2000