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#MondayRant: The #Mexican postal service has me going postal once again. 🙄 Surprisingly, my package sent via #USPS arrived within the dates provided (it was a wide range). I of course wasn't at home when they attempted to deliver it so I was left this very professional notice instructing me to pick it up at their office 3 days later. Attempt #1 on Saturday and I missed their hours by 0 mins (they close at 230pm 😩). Attempt #2, today I stood in line for 40 minutes outside, in the heat... only to be told I needed my passport in order to claim it. 😠 No where on this professional looking notice does it indicate what ID is required for pickup?!? 😡 And of course I did not have my passport with me. Bah! Wish me luck for attempt #3 in the morning. #ThirdTimesTheCharm #MailService #Mexico #CorreosDeMexico #NotTheBest #ProbablyNotTheWorst #Bah