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Vibrantly Autumn 🍁🍂 I have fell back in love again with the @shopvioletvoss Ride or Die Palette 😻 I used the pictured shadows on the eyes with a splash of fixing spray to add a light glossy finish. Lips are Bloodmoon from @limecrimemakeup 🥀🎃 .
idk man,, i just rly liked how my hair looked bc it was wavy n looked like frosting???
Proud of the boyfriend for taking pics of himself since he's not been confident enough to do so for like a year. L I O N B O I. 🦁
Got the shirt from my sisters friend. I know it's for children but I don't care. I will use it for cosplay☺️I'm now adding stuff to my Amazon wishlist. It's funnily mostly plushies and figurines. Will add some clothes or so too💖Once I'm done I will put a link up in my bio☺️🌺I'm not trying to get anyone to buy me stuff but if you want to buy anything for me-I'd be glad💖I will post photos of (me with) the bought stuff. I don't do "special" ways of thanking someone though😒If you expect me to send you nudes etc in return-what the hell is wrong with you?😅It's your decision to buy someone stuff you would want them to get. You in return will see them in their new bought clothing or you will see a post plus review of some other bought things. I'm planning on making this account more..well cute themed. Means I need plushies etc :D #german #germangirl #girl #me #short #small #shirt #shorts #pale #legs #scar #selfie #me #bored #happy #potato #fashion #clothes #wear #comfortable #relaxed
I was just an only child of the universe ⭐ And then I found you 🌟 You are the sun and I am just the planets 🌙 Spinning around you 💫🌠