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Are you comfortable alone with yourself? After time spent alone, do you feel rejuvenated or bored, or perhaps uncomfortable and anxious? Pay attention to how you feel after spending time by yourself. Witness your emotions, behaviors, and overall mental state. It gives great insight into where you might begin/continue your self help journey. 📷➡️: @ngarnz_
日常。工作中找樂趣。百花齊放的季節,美麗卻不永恆,唯有找到生命的本質才能真正的永恆,能量才能源源不絕。 高速公路休息站內車位滿載,全是遊客,是大家都還在過春節的概念嗎? 工班說:「不要問工班需不需要補班?有沒有連假?因為工班有上工才有薪水領,補班連假一直不會是工班的福利」😩😓,別這樣啦~我們也很為難,因為您們上工的日子,我們也得重點式的跟著上工😩 AO DESIGN #daily #passion #nevergiveup #flows #spring #bluesky #breaktime