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Friday is #ThroatChakra day! The color is blue, which I'll be wearing, and the #Bija / #Mantra is #Ham. When I checked in, my throat told me immediately that I'm here in #Florida to learn to use this chakra finally! Think, the planning, the riding, the two weeks of settling in, and only now do I get my answer as to "Why ?"... everything comes in perfect order! The color of this #Chakra just yesterday started to look very aquatic to me - and I've never connected to that until yesterday. I'm in Florida, and quite near me is a place known to have pods of #Dolphins 🐬 and manatees. are, like humans, highly social and expressive in their emotions. They #Play, and they experience anger! They freely express whatever they are experiencing in the moment (Being #Present), which makes them free-flowing with life. We constrict our throats through coerced societal pressures, therefore become passive, aggressive, or both. It's time, my throat says, to flow my communication like a river! I may or may not become a singer, but to leave Florida activated into what I was called here to do will be to know and to regularly exercise my True Voice. Open water is an unobstructed wonder if the world. Imagine if we all use our true voices in the same way. Wouldn't that be s truly #Peaceful and #NewEarth experience? Count me in. I accept the challenge, starting this very moment. I'll leave Florida "on-time", and swimming in the blue waters of my Throat Chakra. 🐬🏊🏄 Link in bio for today's #mantra - Ham 💙💙💙💙 #WearBlue #WeAreOne #BeLight #BeLove #WorldPeaceConvergence2065 #HeavenOnEarth #LINKINBIO