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• BLENDING IN • Are you good at being invisible? Are you skilled at fading into the background so no one notices you? Do you hate drawing attention to yourself, so you wear mostly black so you can disappear into the shadows? Are you the kind of person who likes to watch or observe instead of speak? Are you the type of person who copies or mimics other people so you look as "normal" as possible? Do you always try to blend in with everyone else 'cause the last thing you want is to stand out among the crowd? Do you feel like an alien among humans? 💜 • 💜 If your answer was YES to most of those, maybe even all of them, then congratulations you're a member of an exclusive group called the Chameleon Club (not a real thing, I just made that up...and that reminds me of a certain song...anyway 😂)! We're experts at looking, acting and sounding like normal people but obviously we're not, am I right? 😉 If you're an unofficial member of this club, love (❤) this post and say something in the comments so I know I'm not the only chameleon here. 💜 • • • #chameleons #blendingin #youcomeandgo #invisible #disappear #weretherealaliens #fadingintothebackground #dontfitin #dontbelong #peoplewatchers #thequietones #wereweird #getusedtoit #imnotweirdimlimitededition #imnoteccentricimelectric⚡ #spreadingpositivitylikeglitter✨
Strangers in a strange land... doing strange things.