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Warm•Up•For•The•WEEKEND!! 🤙🏻🤙🏻🔥
TB 2 🎬 : Manukan Island
[[You Hate On My Success Like You Don't Have The Same 24 Hours]] *******Things You May Not Know About Me: **** *I'm Only 23 Years Old * I Have A Sports Medicine And Nutritional Science Degree * I Am A Single Mom Raising A 4 Year Old * I Also Have My Property And Casualty License and Work A Full Time Job As An Insurance Agent * I Commute 2 Hours A Day To Work * I Have Zero Debt * I Pay All My Own Bills With No Help * I Have My Own Apartment/ No Roommates * I Workout A Minimum Of 2 Times A Day * I Eat Perfectly Clean Aside from 1-2 Cheat Meals A Week * If I Want Something I Work My Ass Off Until I Get It [ Those Excuses Your Using As To Why Your Not Where You Want To Be Are All Your Own Fault, You Are The Only One To Blame, You Have The Same 24 Hours]] #LetsStartTheMorningWithSomeTruth