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We are very much looking forward to an upcoming interview between BE’s Raphael Bender and pain science PT Nick Hannah @hannahmoves . Stay tuned 🤓 #Repost @hannahmoves ・・・ When it comes to educating 📚 patients about pain, one of the biggest keys I think is knowing when NOT to go there. A lot of the time it's simply not necessary 🛇. . Back when I was first diving into this stuff, I made the mistake of trying to force my pain knowledge on people: NO, THIS IS HOW IT IS BRO...PAIN COMES FROM THE BRAIN BRO. I KNOW MORE THAN YOU BRO (and ladies 😊)! Big mistake. I touched on this in an earlier post. . Sometimes it can be as simple as ASKING SOMEONE 'Hey, would you like to know more about this?' Maybe they could care less. Never hurts to ask. . However, the above example is a way I've been trying to sprinkle in more Explain Pain without being confrontational. If you identify something a patient says that may be extremely RELEVANT ✅ to their pain (even if it's peppered in amongst a bunch of unsupported crap 💩), FOCUS on that thing! Say: 'Hey, you know what, that thing you said makes a lot of sense, would you like to know why?' . In this way, you identify that they're right (people love to be right don't they 😉), they'll like you more for showing how awesome they are, and you've given yourself an open door 🏠 (potentially) to explain a unique aspect of pain.💡 . EVERYBODY WINS! . Try this Jedi Mind Trick out. May the Force be with you. . Don't sit still. Make moves! . Nick Hannah, PT Registered Physiotherapist #
Mente sã, corpo são. 💆🏼🤸🏼‍♀️
🌅Where I get to stretch it out watching the sunrise glowing like fire☀️ Sunrays over me, With all the headland birds song, listening to the ocean 🌊 below it's my happy place love my home☺️ Salutations to the sun🙏🏼 I hope you have a beautiful day or sleep in the northern hemisphere 🌌 I hope you do something your future healthy self will thank you for, I hope you radiate and shine bright🌟 Judge less and love more♥️ #homesweethome #yogini #pilateslovers #runnergirl #sunrises #beachhouse #luxwt #yogalover #runningcommunity #homebeautiful #oceanside #luxuryhome #luxuryrealestate #kerastase #AuraBotanica #natureshot #ilovesydney #sydneylife #northernbeaches #casa #canonaustralia #archdaily #beachhouse #canonpowershot #vitaminsea #iamwellandgood #thisisyoga #australiagram #neverstoplearning #welltraveled #welivetoexplore