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Ta Dah! Introducing . . . MARIE! Let me just say for the record & w/ mucho gusto THIS PAINTING ROCKS THE HOUSE! For those not in the know, I’ve been unveiling this stunning art gifted to me by @pennyfeathersvintage in small snippets thru stories over the past few weeks & I assure you it’s been very difficult for me to keep it a surprise as I’m mostly v bad surprises. Debbie painted this pearly pink & metallic QUEEN BEE complete w/ El Doggo aka His Royal Highness Bees specifically for my office & based on the colors, décor & my request for something full of over-the-top fanciful fun. I had v little input, other than to tell Debbie I like butterflies, dragonflies, Bees & bees, feathers, lots of floofy stuff & bling, bling, bling & more bling. The rest was an absolute surprise as I love seeing the results of artistic license. But w/ out further ado, on to the important stuff as this super talented painter has generously agreed to do a custom painting for . . . one of you! The rules & regs are straightforward. First, follow @pennyfeathersvintage . Second, scroll thru the fantastic paintings on her grid & figure out what style(s) & colors are your favorites. Third, drop a comment on this post about what type of custom painting you would request & most importantly, what you love about her art & why you want it in your house. Be sure to tag anyone else who you think might like to throw their hat in the ring. That is all. Debbie will select the winner based on the comments, w/ help from me only if she wants my opinion. I’ll open up more comments again on Tuesday in connection w/ a post including another fab & v unique painting by Debbie & then we’ll close the contest a few days thereafter. This giveaway is not sponsored by anyone other than Debbie & me, & all that fine print stuff. The painting will be unframed. In the meantime, swipey for a closer look my new v regal painting, which APROPOS I’ve named Marie after the infamous queen who really did not say “let them eat cake” btw. Good luck & have fun! 🐝👑💃
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I went to the dentist today, they numbed half my mouth. Then it started raining so hard I couldn't see driving 35 in a 55. I wanted to stop for food but since I couldn't pronounce my order with a numb mouth I just cried a little. I am now eating soup trying not to bite myself. . . . . . . . . . 💖 #bluehair #pastelpink #grunge #alternative #pinkhair #redhair #pastel #rainbowhair #bisexual #cute #selfie #alternativegirl #vegan #nekogirl #kawaiifashion #aesthetic #pastelgoth #pinkaesthetic #purplehair #tumblrgirl #septumpiercing #kawaii
To think that one of my worst fears came true.. Was I the cause of why our relationship blew? You only stayed because you felt bad for me But why did you continue to say you loved me endlessly? ...when you didn't... I wanted to end the relationship too ...But I couldn't... See the difference between me and you... Was even after the mental abuse you put me through I still loved you When did you stop losing that feeling? ...Did you even love me from the beginning? #poetry #poetrycommunity #goingmental #tired #pinkaesthetic
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hi book nerds! do you have any arcs? i have a small collection of arcs (a few more than are pictured here) that i’ve either been sent, found at used bookstores or gotten from libraries giving them away! of the ones pictured here i’ve only read spin the dawn which i really enjoyed & i’m planning to read sawkill girls in october around halloween (the other three i dnfed and am looking to trade). * * * * #bookblog #bookblogger #bookblog #rosepetalpages #thebookieclub #bookstagrammers #booksandflowers #pinkaesthetic #booknerds #bibliophiles #bookaholics #youngadultbooks #youngadultreads #bookaddicts #fantasybooks #yafantasy #yafantasybooks #wereadfantasy
Oh god, I love them so bad.