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My little man all dressed up for knights and princesses day! ONLY he is too poorly to go school and has finally accepted he will have to wear it at home today x #myprince #getbettersoon
Thank you for the #widn tag im so sorry its so late ive only just got the notification even though it says it was posted 10 hs ago 🙈 im just getting into bed as me and my youngest are full of a cold and we were both up all last night, i wont carry the tag on now as its so late but ill continue it tomorrow, 😘 . . . #bedroom #bed #time #poorly #cold #sleep #comfy #tired #goodnight #instagram #follow
Day 108 #project365 was Friday and Friday was not a great fun day! I had a intense meeting I had to go into work for (on my non working day). Once I was home I had the worst migraine ever which meant that I crashed! So here is a picture of my sofa cushions #migraine #poorly #worknoplay #workingmum #hardwork
I'm back! A whole week without a workout! 😭😭😭 It's been tough but I needed to recover from whatever it is I've had. I'm still not 100% but felt well enough to give something a go. It wasn't easy either! I was toying with the idea of having just one more day off, going to the shop and buying some junk food to have a binge before getting back on it tomorrow, but as I sat there in front of the TV in my PJs I thought, doing that is not going to get you to where you want to be especially as you've just lost a week! So I got up the crossfit workouts that I've missed and put together something I could do right there and then and it not be a bother for a 15 month old to be toddling round me. I put together Friday's and Sunday's workout but missed out anything to do with a pull up bar as, as you know, I don't have one. I was so pleased that I did this as it's meant I've eaten well all day and put me back on track for just getting on and doing it all again tomorrow. All any of this is down to is making a choice. You can choose the ice cream (and I would have the tub, easily!) Feel satisfied for a few mouth fulls, then feel disgusted with yourself but carry on eating because that's comforting, and who cares anyway! (We'll come on, you care. That should be enough) Or you can choose to do that workout, feel great the whole day, keep your​ food balanced and take on whatever the world has to throw at you. The choice really is yours. #choices #crossfit #crossfitwod #WOD #crossfitscaled #poorly #workout #fitnessblender #bodygoals #fatloss #fitness #weightlifting #thechoiceisyours #motivation #inspiration #thursday