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☔️When it's ya day off but can't even leave the sofa or bed😭😪😷💩Thanks bf I will try my best! #poorly #life
Woke up this morning feel absolutely dreadful. Sore throat banging headache and stuffy nose. It's official the flu has got me 😷😷😷 On the plus side it's 4 more sleeps until the hubster is home @shadderz1 👍 #poorly #sick #flu #tired #wornout #yuk
I haven't been in the gym for a week because I realised a pattern of being more poorly the day after the gym and I've not had a full night of sleep in a week either. Today I am settling for a short walk - I got off the bus about 4 stops early and will walk the rest of the way to where I'm going. Something is better than nothing and I'm back in a place where I can only think about what I can achieve today. No longer term goals at the moment 😔 #gym #poorly #health #fitness #puregymshawlands #imissrunning #walking #youcanonlydowhatyoucando