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Helena Christensen
Did you know that there can be pretty much one answer to everything? Ok if not an answer, an answer facilitator? ✨BREATH✨ Think about it. Breathing slow and deep keeps us in a state of calm all the time. And that's where the best answers come from. Our energy channels are being constantly cleansed for free flow of the life-force or prana. And we function at our optimum. It's all so simple. Yet, we forget to breathe. And our excuse is, after all we are human, we make mistakes 😛. Let's breathe folks! We should not just be human...but super human, the best version of ourselves! ✨🙏😇 ********************************* Day 4 of #MonsoonMagicAsanas is an #armbalance and I give you my #babycrow in a flow ☺ Hosted by: Khushi @stardivakhushi Sakshi @sakshiguptayoga Apoorva @apoorvajayarajan Samrat @samratpasham Sponsored by: @niyama_sports @kosha_yoga_co @proyog @juruyoga @loveprayjewelry
Good beautiful Monday morning everyone 🌞 I hope you had a great weekend! Make it a great day today (no matter how exhausted we all are 😅)! #discovertravel #discoveryou