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Bought some normal girl gym clothes and squatted some beautiful things. Third set of 4x110kg HBS (angles for first set were terribly un-IG friendly) & one of many 6x50kg on binchhh. Can't complain. 👌
🔦 CLIENT SPOTLIGHT 🔦 Also competing yesterday was @jackfergusonnn - competing in the -93kg Junior class for his first competition. Weighing in at an ultra-light 85.2kg, the -83kg class was well in sight, however being very lean and having age and time on his side, I encouraged Jack to 'play the long game' and enter as a -93kg lifter and slowly build his way up to filling out his weight class. Jack went 7/9 yesterday, with just two errors on his bench press commands that I'm sure he won't forget! Jack ended up with a 202.5kg squat (5kg PB), 112.5kg bench press, 227.5kg deadlift (10kg PB), and a very respectable 542.5kg total. Jack is a really hard worker in training and takes on board everything that we have applied to his lifting so far. I'd keep an eye on him as a potential star of the future! If you would like to enquire about coaching and programming services, message direct or email me on the address in my bio #JDStrength #powerlifting #powerlifter #squat #squats #bench #benchpress #deadlift #deadlifts #barbell #competition #eleiko #sbdapparel #sbd #coaching #programming #strong #strength #strengthtraining #scottishpowerlifting #progress #motivation
2x2 275 🎱🔥 Considering I'm working around an injury, I wasn't too sure I was even going to be able to train last night, much less get 275 up — BUT #BlessTheFuckUp I got through my workout with no pain. 😭🙌🏼 A big thank you to @edwinmmunoz3 for fixing me up Friday 👐🏼😭 I feel 100% better today. If y'all ever need deep tissue, adjustment, massage therapy HIT HIM UP. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 • • • #DontCallItAComeBack #2WeeksOut #BOTB3 #SGF #SGFAthlete #75kgGirlzzzz #GWPL #fitchicks #powerlifter #powerlifting #girlswhopowerlift #girlswhodeadlift #MySoulIsOnFire🔥
Garage workouts = anything goes for gym attire. Bench press today. Worked up to 260 lbs for 5 reps.
Quick weekend trip to San Antonio 🙂
Today's session consisted of very high volume 😂💀 Squat/Bench/Deadlift
Squat➖95kg (209lbs) 👉 3x9
Bench➖130kg (286lbs) 👉 3x9
deadlift➖122.5kg (270lbs) 👉 3x7 • • • Deadlift not included in this video because IG don't allow more then 1minute videos 😓so it will be up later. • Stay motivated 🙌You Will Win!
369 lbs final deadlift attempt (fourth attempt again). Hit 364 for my third and felt that I had a little more in me and was going for a record. Pulled 353 lbs four weeks ago. This pull literally sucked the life out of me but it was so worth it. Had fun lifting w/ @ucipowerlifting 😊
#Monkaymethod Before going for that 225 squat, I hit 220 x 3 reps...Not sure why it felt pretty easy LOL but that's a huge volume PR for me♥️ for those who train with me, you guys know I freak out seeing 215 + on the bar LOL I think I'm finally comfortable with Squats now!!! Thank you everyone for the support means a lot!!!💖 --------------------------------------- Coach: @monkaycrak & @gabriel_aseron #motiGABEd -------------------------------------- #830crewcheckin #7weeksout
Some days, despite how you feel, despite what your body looks like, you know you didn't work hard enough. If you're not giving 100%, you're cheating yourself. Sure you can say, "Well at least I did something," but "something" isn't everything. "Something" won't get you were you'd like to go. "Something" might give you results, but later rather than sooner. I don't know what it is, but my motivation has been very little lately. Very little.👊🏼😑☕️ . #babybear #powerlifter #powerlifting #lackofmotivation #inarut #goingnowhere #weightlossjourney #roughhands #gymrat #sundayworkout #thoughts
The great powerlifter Scott Cartwright used to tell us (when we were lifting out of his garage) that you could always tell if somebody is strong by looking at their back. Chest, abs, and arms might look nice from the front--but they tell us little about the overall balance, athleticism, physique, physical intelligence, and even work ethic of the individual. So here's my shirtless selfie, because it seems to be one of those things that is most valued on social media. And hell--why not? It's actually pretty damn cool to see the changes you're capable of making with your body--the "strength and beauty" that Socrates referred to. #fitness #physique #bodybuilding #natty #strength #garagegym #push #press #gympup #labsofinstagram #labradorable #gympup #eleiko #eleikothegympup #workhard #workhardplayhard #wizkhalifa #powerlifter #powerlifting