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I'm not a vicious/intimidating person... Nor do I pretend to be... But even the nicest, most mild mannered people have a mean streak that is indescribable if tapped into at the right time... 📸: @esvignettes ------------------------------- Contact me for coaching at Bmagic19
This is happening for #cardio today. I'm both nervous and excited for it. I might die, but at least it will be fun. 😂 I don't know what to expect as far as numbers, but I'm hoping to get something mid 200s or more. I'm going to push myself as hard as I can thanks to @therealryankcork -- won't let you down, man! 💪🏻
Shoutout to @joshchemaster for the camera angles and @cameron.korcsog58 for busting some wicked moves in the background. I always like to have fun when I'm training so if something gets caught on video I always make sure to throw it in. Have fun with what you do but never forget to give it your all. Workout (working sets)- Deadlift to knees- 4x3 at 360lbs Incline DB Press/ Dips (superset)- 4x6 at 60lbs/ 5x5 at BW Box Deadlifts- 4x3 at 410lbs Leg Extensions- 5x10 at 50lbs #MAXstrcon #powerlifter #powerlifting #bench #squat #deadlift #sbd #instafit #fitfam #instafitness #fitness #gains #gym #workout #strong #bodybuilding #lift #training
Accessory Work 👍🔨💪 Deadlift to knees ~ 160kg 3 reps x 5sets Incline Bench ~ 80kg 5 reps x 4 sets Rack pulls ~ 160kg 3 reps x 5 sets. Followed with lunges and leg work!
Blessing your feed with a pulled pork and bacon poutine #aesthetic