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Se pare cã o datã la câţiva ani trebuie sã luptãm pentru dreptul fundamental de a fi stãpâne pe propriile noastre corpuri şi pentru împiedicarea bisericii în probleme de stat. În memoria celor 10.000 de femei victime ale regimului comunist, un gest inspirat de @noemimeilman #prochoice #womenrights #democracy #feminism
Something heavy on my heart: Child sex trafficking. Not only is human trafficking at it's highest prevalence in history, but young children - even babies - are being exploited through sex trafficking. Have you heard of sex tourism? Pizzagate? Child pornography? Wicked, wicked ways. 💔 This is terrifying considering Saginaw, MI is a hot spot for this type of activity. Less then an hour from my home children are being beaten and raped. How did they get there? Unwanted pregnancies, abortion stigma, abuse and neglect, and foster care. They are helpless. Which brings me to a startling revelation: Abortion IS ethical. I know... Some people might really think I've really taken the path of darkness. Honestly, if you unfollow me over this it won't break my heart. It will show me who TRULY cares about innocent lives. It's NOT about the murder of an infant. It's about the level of neglect and abuse and suffering that person may have to endure all because they were born into a situation inhospitable to them. What kind of adult will they grow in to? Oh, all those parents who can't have kids waiting to adopt them? Where are those adoptive parents for the child slaves who spent their time in foster care waiting for those people to come along??? It is an idealistic fantasy that there is a set of parents waiting for any unwanted baby. Now we have this HUGE problem in our own country.. babies and young children being sold for sex on the daily. And nobody can do anything about it because people just keep having more unwanted or abused children getting put into the foster care system - which is failing to protect probably more than half of them. So. At this point you're thinking I'm defending an abortion of my own. That's not the case. My mom taught me about abortion - but she seemed to focus on the emotional and physical damage that can occurs more than the atrocity of it. She also taught me about my reproductive health, preventing pregnancy, and that I am capable of more than I realize. I was raised in an ideal environment.. So when the time came I had no thought that I couldn't handle this baby. Because I had all the tools I needed. 👇👇👇👇
#prochoice, to make this clear. My body, my rules.
In toamna lui 1988 am fost internata pentru doua nopti in Spitalul Campina. Doua zile si doua nopti a urlat de durere o femeie pe care nimeni din personalul medical de acolo nu a ajutat-o. Femeia nu vroia sa divulge cine i-a provocat avortul. Pentru ca, pentru cei care au uitat, pana acum 27 de ani si 9 luni, avortul era interzis de regimul lui Ceausescu. Am facut aceasta fotografie in memoria celor peste 10,000 de victime femei din anii comunismului, pentru cei 60,000 de copii aflati in prezent in centrele de plasament din Romania. #educatie #democratie #prochoice