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Nothing but respect for my president 😍 thanks for keeping music decent for me mami 🌹 #proudhispanic - #senia
Biiiiiiiiiiaaaahhhhhhhhttttttccccccchhhhh.! Its a gang shid 💋 #proudhispanic
HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH | Ellen Ochoa - In 1993 she became the first hispanic woman in the world to go to space. She is now the current Director of the Johnson Space Center | Salma Hayek - film actress, producer, and former model. She is also an activist in increasing awareness on violence against women and discrimination against immigrants. | Sonia Sotomayor - Born in The Bronx, NY to Puerto Rican-born parents. An Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States (nominated by Barrack Obama). Being the first justice of Hispanic heritage, the first Latina, and it’s third female justice. | #HispanicHeritageMonth #WomenEmpowerment #ProudLatina #ProudHispanic
Happy Hispanic Heritage Month to all my Hispanic brothers and sisters all around the world 🎉. I chose Venezuela out of all the other wonderful countries because I want to raise awareness for all the Venezuelans that are going through such horrible hardships. It saddens me to see the on-going crisis in Venezuela and I feel so helpless seeing all the news & casualties. Hopefully the situation improves. Together for Venezuela! ,, Also, I wanted to remind everyone about our beautiful islands like Puerto Rico who are currently in need after the devastating natural disasters. If you can, make sure to donate or find a way to contribute to the cause, anything helps! Praying for Puerto Rico & all of those experiencing the horrible aftermath of the recent natural disasters! LOVE CONQUERS ALL ❤️💙💛 Models: @davidbavarescok @paoordgz 📸 • • • • • • • • • • #photography #photographer #photographyislife #photographylover #photographyeveryday #photooftheday #art #fashion #aesthethics #photoshoot #photographysouls #model #artofvisuals #create #nature #photo #vsco #lightroom #adobe #artist #artsy #visualsoflife #Venezuela #prayforvenezuela #strongertogether #happyhispanicheritagemonth #hispanicsdoitbetter #proudhispanic #prayforpuertorico
I’m that person that won’t walk downstairs to get something to drink #toofar , but when it comes to working out. Best believe I’ll push that last rep till I’m shaking 💪🏽😎👌🏽
Listen up you beautiful losers! If you're a worried teenager/child/adult that can't donate money to the Hispanic Federation UNIDOS Disaster Fund- then do not fear! If you have spotify and you want to help contribute to aiding Puerto Rico you can search for the 'For Puerto Rico Por Puerto Rico' playlist and show your support by following that playlist! Now, I know that I am supposed to be worrying about the crisis in my own country first but trust me- whenever I get a shot to help a fellow hispanic country then I will take that opportunity to help. And even if you are not Hispanic or come from a spanish speaking country then you should still show your support- this world needs more kindness so let's start spreading it! What goes around comes around. #forpuertorico #porpuertorico #puertorico #itsalmostlikepraying #godblesspuertorico #hispanic #hispaniccommunity #hispanicpride #proudhispanic #immigrantswegetthejobdone • (Edit: The pictures are shitty I KNOW- Just focus on the message 😭😩)