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People don’t get to tell you you’ve changed. That you’ve lost your light, your fire, your spark. They don’t get to shame and guilt-trip you for basically doing what you had to in order to survive. If they don’t have the guts and faith that you’ll recover and heal and burn anew, they aren’t worth your time and trust me when I say you deserve better. Surviving (whatever the kind) is not something anyone should be ashamed of. Surviving is not a flaw, it’s a sign you’re a fighter with a 100% success rate. It takes courage and strength and grit and the persistence to keep on trying and never giving up. Don’t let people ever shame you for that just because their idealized illusion of you no longer coincides with your true self. . . #tumblr #blackandwhiteonly #blackandwhitephotography #motivationalquotes #survival #motivation #bands #esmeralda #iamme #like4like #followforfollow #sws #ptv #tumblrquotes #tøp
Lol Pierce the Veil #ptv
Schweig kurz und frag nicht Versuch den Wahnsinn kurz nicht zu verstehn in dem Moment bevor wir gehen ist es fraglich ob unsere Spuren verwehn oder nach Jahren noch zu sehen sind #Heisskalt