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The African Child represents so many things. The chance of reaching a Demographic dividend, the true jewel of the African culture, the nation rising above effects of apartheid. The African Child stands for hope. Project Hope UK understands the importance of a healthy child. Thank you for letting me be part of this journey, I loved every second of it. #publichealth #healthychild #healthyteenager #healthyadult let's shape the world into a better place, let's start with the children. Remember, we are not born with bad habits, they are taught. An impressionable child is an asset, only if they are loaded with prosperous fundamentals.
Flash back to the Child Health and Mortality Prevention Surveillance (CHAMPS) health care workers training. Sometimes working in the field away from home, friends and family can be rigorous and have effect on your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. The only thing that keeps you going is your passion for the job and being aware of the impact your work has on the community and country. Nonetheless don't give up, keep pushing and know this is bigger than you. #globalhealth #publichealth #childhealth #maternalhealth #health #CHAMPS #SierraLeone #Makeni #Bombalishebora #realtalk #friday #motivation #tbt #fbf #keeppushing #workflow #fieldwork #health #girlboss #bosschic #bosslady #gogetter #passion #work #dedication #blackgirlmagic #queen #salonetiti #healthsystemstreghening
As many of you know, I spent last week in MN attending and speaking at the National Walking Summit hosted by America Walks. Given the title of the summit alone, I knew this would be unlike anything I'd been apart of to date, nonetheless I also knew I was sure to learn a lot and connect with some great people; I wasn't wrong. Tyler, from Oklahoma, happened to be one of those great people. Though we didn't meet until the very last night, we hit it off instantly as webshared our experiences, the workshops we led and even joked about being the only two "scooter guys" at the summit (don't worry, we may have been in the minority, but the summit was still very inclusive. 😊) He's currently studying Public Health at the University of Central Oklahoma with aspirations of becoming either a city or urban planner - which I found to be fascinating, because as we both showcased at this summit, planners and change makers around the country can greatly benefit from hearing the perspective of a person with a disability. 😊 Best of luck, Tyler! It was an honor to meet you and I certainly hope our paths continue to cross in the future! -GB #AmericaWalks #WalkingSummit #StPaulMN #Accessibility #WalkingMovement #Travel #Motivation #Inspiration #Empowerment #Encouragement #CerebralPalsy #CerebralPalsyAwareness #UniversityOfCentralOklahoma #GreatPeople #Inclusion #Networking #Connections #Advocacy #PublicHealth #Planning #PolicyMaking #Transportation #DisabilityAwareness #DisabilityAdvocacy #CityPlanning #UrbanPlanning #overcomingobstacles #Like #Follow #OvercomeYours
At the EUSPR conference, me with my first ever poster! I can't believe that I'm now at the stage in my "career" where I have my work at conferences. Feeling chuffed, and excited about the next, much bigger conference in Stockholm! 🤓🤓🤓 Actually after today where I also chaired a session, I'm feeling a bit like a conference circuit pro. The fear has completely disappeared! #justdoit #grateful #nevergiveup #masters #publichealth #gradschool #educationforlife #geek #onmywaytobeingpublished #makingmydreamscometrue #onmywaytothatphd 📜📊📚📰📑
FRIDAY FIVE 🏆 Here is a list of stuff I’m into this week 🙌🏼 . 💛Twisted Hot Yoga's second location in Caledonia, MI . . 🏋🏼‍♀️waking up early to do my at-home workout along side a team of women! (We use a system like Skype and press play on our works outs on our computers) HELLO accountability . . 🎃pumpkin pie shake! 1 scoop vegan vanilla shakeology, 1 cup almond milk, 1 cup ice, pinch of pumpkin pie spice, 1/4 cup pumpkin, dash of cinnamon . . 💻 Tony Robbins documentary on Netflix called 'Im not your GURU' . . 🥜powered peanut butter - don't knock it til you try it
Our Seven Rules of Health poster hanging - and for sale - at the lovely @persephonebooks in Lambs Conduit Street. #cleanclothesonceaweek Published c. 1950 😮and with myriad helpful hints for daily living. Flushed with success as a result of the WW2 posters which had improved morale, saved precious resources and generally kept the country sane and healthy, the Government continued after the war to use posters in advertising campaigns to improve public health. Hang it on the bedroom wall of #kevintheteenager to prove to him we had to fight a war for him to get the right to clean socks (weekly...). #ww2propaganda #originalvintageposter #vintageposters #publichealth #forsale #lambsconduitstreet #propaganda #propagandaposter #nhs #teenagers
Crucial for #SFM2018 are our TOPIC MANAGERS. They come up with salient and individual Europe-related topics that are discussed during the conference and finally drafted in an EU policy proposal. First up, meet ANJA DEKANSKI and see what she is passionate about: My name is Anja and I am a second year University College Maastricht student from Serbia. During Student Forum Maastricht 2018 I will have the role of a topic manager for one of the working groups. In my studies I focus mostly on Biomedical Sciences and Public Health. While many don't associate health topics with the EU I will aim to present a topic showcasing the implications an EU membership can have on health systems of member states. Participating at SFM 2017 inspired me to be a part of the organizing team for the following conference because I experienced the atmosphere fueled by ambitious and motivated fellow students. I am excited to be a part of the initiative of SFM which stands for youth participation and discussions on the issues the EU faces! #discoveryourimpact #biomedicalsciences #publichealth #euhealthpolicy #eupolicymaking #eupolicy
Researchers, students, and academic leaders from the U.S. and Japan recently gathered to share experiences and brainstorm ideas for supporting and promoting women in academic research careers. The Advancing Women in Public Health & Medicine Symposium  was sponsored by the Teikyo-Harvard Program, a long-running partnership that fosters academic exchanges and research collaboration in addition to an annual symposium The keynote speaker, Hiroko Okinaga, executive vice president of Teikyo University, shared how the University increased the percentage of female researchers by 4.7% over the past four years. A key factor: launching support services for women researchers, which included establishing onsite childcare, employing research assistants, holding networking and mentoring activities, and creating checklists to improve gender equity in the work environment #HarvardChan #Harvard #publichealth