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As Mulan sings "Who is that dog I see? Staring straight back at me. When will my reflection show what I want to eat??" I mean.. that's pretty much what she meant, right? 🤣 #foreverhungry #eating24/7 #proudfattie . . . . Make sure to check out my pawesome pawtners: @doggonamedblue ❤️ @petitloupstorm ❤️ @itsadog_life ❤️ . . . . This is my entry for #gsymodelsearch for @gstopybowtie. I want to model for them because I love taking pictures in the meadows and trails of Texas. I love to engage my followers and caption my posts with funny quotes. Also, your cause is near and dear to my heart (I've live there for a couple of years) as I have seen the atrocity in person and it breaks my heart. I hope I can help bring sales and attention to your store as well as raise awareness to the cause to my IG family. Thank you for considering me and reading this. Have a great day! . . . This is my entry for #HHSpringModelSearch @houndandhowl . . . This is my entry into Free Spirit Pup’s Model Search #fspmodelsearch2017 . .
Jared took #nationalpuppyday to the extreme the other day and brought this one to our house. I'm not completely sure if we are just watching her until she finds a permanent home (her owners were moving into an apartment where they can't have dogs), but trying to think of a name that fits her. She came to us as Iris, we've been calling her Luna, but I'm not completely convinced that fits her. Help! And if anyone knows how to build a dog barn, get your butt down here now. • • • • • • • • #dogmom #dog #dogstagram #puppy #puppylove #puppynames #crazydoglady #pitbull #pitbullmom #pitbullpuppy #pitbullsofinstagram #dogsfordays #galsbestfriend #dogsondogs