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Daily Reminder.
You cannot change anyone, so don’t waste a lifetime your trying to. Give people honor and respect and slowly it will naturally encourage them to find that growth for themselves. At the end of the day, people change if they want to change. People take on a life that they want, and if people continue, time and time again to make decisions that are just so unbelievably damaging to the progression of their life. . I’ve recognized that their decisions expose their mental state. If people are not being wise in their actions… usually there is suppressed trauma, issues and hardship that have not been deal with and then that brings up a whole Line of issues and work that needs to be done, but has to be done the right way. . Sometimes you may be dealing with someone who is too weak and brittle for the truth. In order for people to best accept the advice and the truth you have for them, they first need to be accountable for their actions, their mindset, their behavior, and their decisions. Art: @risingwoman
Deixa Vida Me Levar
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