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I know that you think that you aren't perfekt enough, that you have to lose weight in order to look like those skinny models you see everywhere. But that's their job to look perfekt and they work everyday several hours for it. And believe me, like you, they still find places of their body they don't like. Everybody wants to change themself. But have you ever thought a second about the person that loves you like crazy just for who you are and how you look? About the people that love you for being you? About you that should start to accept yourself? It's not about what other people think of you, it's about what you should think about yourself. If you feel confident, then no one will dare say anything negativ about you and if you start to love yourself, others will follow your example and start to love you too. -Nath #quote #quotes #quotesoftheday #selflove #nobodyshaming #love #body #image #confidence #thoughts #perfect
Words don't mean shit when you can't back it up. 😂
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