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I started reading Harry Potter at 10 years old. My parents were against it (at the time, moms obsessed now) so I hid the copies I borrowed from the library in the sleeves of other books. When the movies came out I was the same age as The Golden Trio and with every film I got to grow up with them, hit the same awkward stages, fight my way through depression and uncertainty, and try to figure out who I was and what I wanted to fight for. I couldn't imagine life without Harry, Hermione, Ron, and the hundreds of other characters J.K.Rowling gave us in her magical world of witches and wizards. Harry Potter has been apart of my life for 15 years now and I could not be more grateful. Happy 20th📚⚡ #harrypotter20 #harrypotter #magic #bravery #wizard #jkrowling #hermoinegranger #ronweasley #dumbledore #love #gryffindor #emmawatson #danielradcliffe #rupertgrint #reading #favorite
This completely sadden me today, a middle aged women serving me food and she seem completely off... So me being me I asked if she is okay, how she is, how life is going for her. She proceeded to tell me that she feels stuck and washed up as a 43 year old working in a food service industry.... I asked her if you feel that way and have acknowledge that she wanted change why did she do anything about it? Change careers, start a business, dabble online marketing. She just looked down and said It's too late for that now.. I'm too old, & the pay here isn't bad and I have food that's okay. Now it struck me like a lightening bolt that this 43 year old woman literrally threw away the next 30 to 40 years of her life because she feels that she is too old, washed up and inadequate .... I dont believe age has anything to do with how successful you can be or can't be. Her mind has been broken and to rationalize her situation to believe that THIS is enough.... Let me tell you my friend. DO NOT SETTLE FOR LESS THAN WHAT YOU DESERVE. You have a long and happy life, You are able to change if you so choose to. Believe in yourself because I believe in you. #comediveinwithme xoxo-Mrs.Tru
Even if you have the right process, if you are not committed on acting on it, your plan is still useless.