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I really missed all the laughs we used to have. ATM ☺😀 Having fun with my old friends. First time nga we're complete. Aii.. Kulang pa sila kuya rock na nasa ibang bansa. -. -" 😂😅 It makes me happy to see them again. My brothers, close friends and my boyfriends. Hahaha Missed ko maging only girl sa kanila. Thanks kuys for this moments. I really missed a lot. #Reunited #ImTheOnlyGirl #MyAteKuy
Funny we @jaffe_joseph live in the same state/city and it took us to travel over 300miles away to our homecoming in New York to reunite 😂🤣... So worth it! Great to see you and I will see you soon... #Ballers #Reunited #Keepintouch