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This sweet little mouse ring was converted by me from a stick pin. Found at the show this past weekend, it's all sterling and adorable! Swipe for before photos.
Would trade places with @smp104 anyday 😍💍🌴 Congratulations on your engagement!
I can't explain how much this gives me joy. I've know Aleta since I was 22 and moved to Washington D.C. after college. We worked together for two years and both went off to law school. She married her university sweetheart. I was the maid of honor. They both joined the foreign service. They had Zuzu and I started making fine jewelry. She commissioned me to create birthstone rings for her, Deiji & Zuzu. And then she had Minnie. So I made the fourth band with rubies. I put the rings in the mail to head off for Brazil and of course they arrive on Minnie's birthday this week. Just in time! Now the set is complete. DM or email if you'd like help creating personal heirloom fine jewelry. It would be my pleasure! #charltonandlola #finejewelry #storytelling #birthstone #birthdaygirl #july #ruby #familygoals