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Eco dress by BEATRICE OETTINGER from Munich. Rose Stole Freshly made to measure from Spring to Autumn fragrant rose petals freshly sewn on fabric—the wearer is completely surrounded with rose fragrance. Material: Silk Organza with scenting rose petals Size: Length: ca. 140 cm/55“ Width: 150 cm/60“ Pleated silk organza with 300 fragrant rose petals sewn on it—the wearer is completely surrounded with rose fragrance. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Delicate, dainty, and heavenly scented, each piece is uniquely crafted using found objects like birch, rose petals, dandelions, and seedlings, and lightweight, flowy silks, cottons, and linens. “Blooming fabrics,” as she refers to them, are in a constant state of change, as the found materials blossom, settle, and wither with time, forming a wearable illustration of the cycle of life. #beatriceoettinger #germanartist #germandesigner #fashiondesigner #ecodress #ecodesign #dress #rosepedals #fashion #munich #germany #style #unique #fairytale #artnews #artlovers #artblog #fashionblog #fashion4u #readytowear #instyle #vogue #organza #textile #ecotextile
I got my #universalyums box in today!!! This month is #turkey. First thing I tried?? Of course, the #turkishdelights , simply because I had never tasted anything with #rosepedals in them. And it tasted just like roses smell, and I loved it! My husband also opened the #helva which is just like a treat his grandpa had when he was a kid called #helvi . It was very tasty, like an airy, crispy, hazelnut bar. I love to discover new things about different cultures, and although this is only s tiny part of their country, I feel excited to be discovering it. #culturediscovery
Our last night in india we received our Indian names. To my surprise, I'm Dakini Devi, THE SKYWALKER!!! The ceremony we had was in the very first temple we went to when we arrived. The only way to get to this temple was by boat. In the complete darkness we traveled across the Narmada. Once we got to the other side we released candles symbolizing our friends, family, passerbies, letting go, and sending positive energy out into the world. I lit a few for my friends, family, and loved ones. I also lit one for everyone I lost this year. Too many old souls gone too soon. I wish you could've seen India, this place breathes life and nothing less. Even though our temple ceremony had some unwelcome guests, there's no other people I would've wanted to share this experience with than @erinspensley @thatficklefox @thebronzeyogi
Celebrating our one year anniversary🌹 I️ love you❣️
Rain falls because the clouds can no longer handle the weight. Tears fall because the heart can no longer handle the pain. Praying for family friends who are grieving right now!!