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😂😂 lol - Hate to say but ive heard a lot of people say I'm gunna get fit, then you catch them stuffing their face with the worst foods you can eat. Lol I'm sorry you wanna look like what again 🐽🐷 lol --- #athomeworkout #spartacustraining #spartacus #crossfitwayoflife #crossfit #tattoo #tattoomode #fitnessgoals #cardio #training #fitnessmotivation #eathealthy #trainhard #workhard #hardwork #dontquit #lifestyle #healthandfitness #maca #mctoil #preworkout #ginseng #challengeyourself #runner #stayfocused #dedication #takeyoursupplements #beastmode #doyouevenlift #toronto
[4 miles this am] • Just chose the poncho finish line option and Staten Island Ferry transportation option for the NYC Marathon! 🗽Just over 14 weeks to go--my excitement is unexplainable! • Training for a marathon isn't easy.🏃‍♀️If done correctly, it takes MONTHS of hard, consistent training. I'm ready for the challenge! 👊
Arkansas sunsets make summer runs a little less terrible 💜🌅 This view got me thinking... I came out to the track after a long, miserable day, just wanting to blow off some steam. It was at least 90 degrees and the view started off as a boring gray sky. The longer I jogged, though, the more the temperature dropped, and the better my view became; it was almost distracting how many colors God kept adding to the sunset. **************** The endorphins pumped through my bloodstream. I ran eight 30-second sprints between 2 minutes of recovery each, and I finished 3.5 miles feeling strong and happy, actually beating my fastest time.... ever! *************** You would never guess that this gorgeous sunset is surrounded by a less-than-classy neighborhood. Sometimes, amazing things creep up in the most unexpected times and places, right when you need it. 💗
View from the trails today. From today through the end of August, RLY is giving 15% of the profits from our yoga DVD to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention @afspnational. I ran the Tinkerbell Half Marathon a couple springs ago in honor of my cousin Ian with team @afsp_socal, an opportunity which I was really grateful to have. Check them out and run a Disney race with them! And send your friends to the RLY online shop--they get yoga AND support a great cause. #RunnersLoveYoga #doyogarunfaster #AFSP