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Hello, I am Kamila and I would like to be your personal trainer! If you are from Oslo, Asker and Sandvik, please write! Spring is coming, start to gain your goals :) Czesc jestem Kamila i chcialabym zostac Twoim trenerem personalnym! Jezeli jestes z Oslo, Sandviki i Asker, pisz! Idzie wiosna, zacznij zdobywać swoje cele :) #personaltrainer #transformation #sportinorge #instarun #photography #instatrain #training #sport #fit #run #running #oslo #asker #sandvika #bærum #norge #norway #polishgirl #polskadziewczyna #me #selfie
Now that explains why I've never been able to track on strava without my phone... 🙄 the app didn't support it until yesterday. Perfect timing for Sunday... will have to give it a trial run. I've never run an event with a watch before, looking forward to being able to try and keep a steady pace. My standard strategy has until now been to fly off at a pace I would never be able to maintain and then burn out, really slow down and only just about make it to the finish feeling a bit sick⌚️not sure what I'm going to go for. I got 1hr 55 for my last half so I'll be going for a 8 and a half minute mile pace I think... try and shave off some time & see how I go. I'm running the same distance a week later if it turns out I reckon I could up the pace and go faster (unlikely!)
This was SO long (too long) in the making! But LOVED doing a podcast with one of my oldest friends in the industry. The nutritional guru that is @bencoomber ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― Podcast link in my bio where we talk about anything and everything. From fitness, food and sports-based world records! Got a lot of LOVE for this dude, let me know if you want me to do more (and enjoyed our ramblings, haha)