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The skies cleared and we enjoyed learning more about one of the great sculptors and visiting his beautiful gardens!
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On this day, June 26th, 1906, the renowned architect Stanford White, of the firm McKim, Mead & White, was murdered on the roof of Madison Square Garden, a building of his own design. The culprit was Harry K. Thaw, a member of a wealthy Pittsburgh family and husband of actress and model Evelyn Nesbit, one of White's former lovers. The murder caused a tabloid flurry and has inspired many novels and movies. Perched atop the tower of Madison Square Garden at the time of the incident was the sculpture of Diana that White commissioned from Augustus Saint-Gaudens. This cast, on view in the Charles Engelhard Court, is a half-sized model of the second version of Diana (now at the Philadelphia Museum of Art). Contrary to urban legend, Nesbit did not serve as the model for the sculpture. Diana, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, 1892-3, cast 1928 (28.101). Image 2: View of Diana atop Madison Square Garden, ca.1905 #metamericanwing #metmuseum #themet #diana #msg #madisonsquaregarden #stanfordwhite #evelynnesbit #saintgaudens #sculpture