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!!!WARNING!!! WARNING Don't make the rookie mistake that I made when ordering one of @lillizzie42 #salads I thought that my family and I would need something to go along with the #salad but that was not the case at all. First of all I see why see gives it to you wrapped up tighter than a mummy because its so much packed into the container it feed the whole family with some leftovers for lunch. #foodie #awesome #toomuchsauce #omg
*New YouTube Video is up! What I eat in a day episode 6 - link in bio* Dinner tonight! @amieleighnancekivell , Lucelia, and I hit up @pitapitcanada for dinner on my second kitten run of the day! Yep we've got a little boy kitten and Amie got a sweet little girl! - I got my usual chicken, bacon, spinach, cucumber, green pepper, tomatoes, sprouts, cheddar cheese, and chipotle dressing 😋
Салат Подсолнух Ингредиенты: - Куриное филе (300 г) - Консервированная кукуруза (400 г) - Яйца (3 шт.) - Маринованные шампиньоны (200 г) - Морковь (200 г) - Лук - Маслины (необязательно) - Овальные чипсы - Майонез Приготовление: 1. Отварить морковь до готовности, почистить. 2. Мелко нарезать куриное филе. 3. Пожарить филе на растительном масле (около 10 минут), посолить. 4. Натереть морковь на мелкой терке. 5. Натереть яйца на мелкой терке. 6. Мелко нарезать грибы. 7. Нарезать лук полукольцами. 8. Выложить филе на дно тарелки, смазать майонезом. 9. Выложить морковь, смазать майонезом. 10. Выложить грибы, смазать майонезом. 11. Выложить лук. 12. Выложить яйца, смазать майонезом. 13. Выложить кукурузу. По кругу воткнуть чипсы. #салаты #вкусно #рецепты #рецептысалатов #кулинария #еда #salads #recepty #vkusno #kulinariya
We're open for the SATURDAY SESSION 🍻🌯 See you all soon 😎
It was a close call between this and Burger King // 🥗 = not a whopper. I'm exhausted for so many reasons right now, and I'm coaching myself 99% of the time through urges to stress-eat and tired-eat Wanting all the 🍔🍟🍕🍭🍰🍫 as if grease and sugar will hold me together until life slows down... but that's what the "old me" would have done, and I've worked too hard to go back to those useless coping mechanisms that don't solve anything. "New me" is accepting that a salad is DEFINITELY NOT a whopper and that's okay 👌🏼 Proud to have come to know myself well enough to recognize when I'm in the right headspace for moderation, and when I just can't even 🙅🏼 // #healthychoicesmatter #doyou