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Hawksbills are one of the more curious turtles, often coming over and inspecting divers. This one was feeding amongst the rubble and I drifted down the slope towards it but eventually found myself nearly on top of it. I managed to stop a mere foot away and yet it continued foraging. Then it seemed to finally notice me, swept itself straight up with its flippers, looked at me, and then almost with a shrug, settled back down to feed again. Perhaps with my tank on my back I looked like a weird cousin. 📷 @glencowans #turtletuesday #perthartist #thisiswhatido
So, I decided it was time to introduce you guys to my other love... embroidery! I've finally started up @_oceanista_ and my Etsy store, so you can now buy my ocean inspired designs! I ship worldwide, and make every single piece by hand! If you want a custom order just send me a PM and I'll get it made for you ✌🏼🌊 @_oceanista_ @_oceanista_ @_oceanista_